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COVID 19 Update: 24th March 2020

At Age Concern MRR our priority is the health and well being of our clients, staff and volunteers.

The majority of our clients fall into the highly vulnerable category and will require increased support from their support networks, including ACMRR over the coming months. For that reason we have put in place the following arrangements:

- our day centre has been closed with effect from 17 March.

- we have been in touch with all clients to collect details about their support networks and will remain in touch (at least) weekly for a chat and to check if the status has changed.

- as well as phone calls, we plan to send puzzles and crafts to our clients to keep them entertained.

- we are at the end of the phone should our clients need any other support.

To safeguard our clients we have decided to limit the number of members of the public who are in direct contact with our clients via ACMRR. We greatly appreciate all the offers of help that we have received. At this time we would like to request that this be channelled towards providing donations which can be shared with our clients (any excess will be shared with local food banks).

We are looking for:

- basic non-perishable foods (e.g. canned foods, long life milk, pasta, rice, cereals, biscuits, salt, etc)

- household items (e.g. cleaning supplies, soap, hand sanitizer, toilet roles, kitchen towel, tissues, bin bags, etc)

- personal hygiene items (e.g. soap, shower gel, shampoo, incontinence pads, etc)

- puzzle books, books, wool, craft supplies


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