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Corporate Volunteering

Age Concern Merstham, Redhill and Reigate (MRR) are currently developing community partnerships with locally based organisations.


As a small, independent, local charity all the work we do supports older people in the local area, helping them to remain independent and living in their own homes for as long as is practicable and they wish to do so. The wide range of services and opportunities available means that there will always be an aspect of our work that will inspire your company and help you to meet your corporate social responsibility objectives.

There are a number of ways that a community partnership can operate:

Employee Volunteering

Provides companies with a clear way to demonstrate their commitment to helping the local community in which they operate. Employees make excellent ambassadors for your company and their involvement in local volunteering generates positive attitudes towards your company.

Building a Committed Workforce - Volunteering increases employee job satisfaction, which improves corporate culture and the recruitment and retention of employees in the long run. Volunteer projects provide employees with a welcome break from their desks, while having fun collaborating with colleagues in a unique setting and making a meaningful contribution to society.

Breaking Down Social Barriers - Corporate volunteering helps to break down social barriers in communities, which in turn enables employees and local people to exchange ideas and develop a better understanding of the social issues that exist today.

Sharing resources and expertise

We welcome offers of company expertise on a pro bono basis. In the past, we have enjoyed consultation on communications, IT and HR and would be keen to add your organisation to our list of professional advisors. One of our community partner organisations is set in wonderful gardens which we were able to use for a fundraising event, this produced very good publicity for the organisation and the gardens provided a beautiful backdrop for our concert.


Lack of funding is the biggest problem that we face. Whether it’s through a single fundraising initiative or regular payroll deductions, any additional funding that your organisation can generate can make a big difference to our charity.


Examples of how you can make a lasting difference at Age Concern MRR:


£6,000  will help to keep our minibus running for a year.


£7,000  will fund our Befriending Service for one year.


£25,000  will fund the Men’s Shed program for one year


£50,000  will fund our Merstham Day Centre for a year

Why not ask your employees to participate in our “pound a pay” campaign?

If all of your employees were to donate £1 per pay through pay roll deduction, they wouldn’t ever miss the money - but what a difference it would make to us. Imagine 500 employees donating £1 per month, that would fund our mini bus for the year!

Gifts in kind

Almost anything can be put to good use; second-hand computers and office furniture for equipping our centre; discontinued stationery for our activity programs, or corporate merchandise or remaindered stock for our fundraising events.

Please phone the office on 01737 645636 to let us know what you have and we will let you know if we can use it.

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