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The men that attend our Men's Shed are free to work on their own projects, just paying for any timber and consumables used for personal projects. 

However, if they prefer, they can work on a project to be donated to Age Concern MRR and sold at one of our fundraising events.


It is important that the men attending the shed feel useful, but not used. We only accept commissions if we know that we have shedders willing and able to take on the work. 

This page shows some of the recent projects that have been made in the shed. We keep a limited supply of items in stock, but most are available to order. However, we reserve the right to decline any order if we don't have anyone available to work on the project.

Please contact Simon for more information:


Simon: 07557950628

Personal Projects

Box to put it in.jpg
Piano clock.jpg

Piano Key Clock


Munition's Box

This munitions box belonged to the father of a neighbour of one of our shedders. When he received it he found two Ormskirk Gazettes dated 1943 under a liner in the box. He has restored the box for his neighbour,  the restoration has included the original newspapers, together with more recent papers showing the late Queen and the new King’s Coronation. The Munitions Box will now be kept in the family and used as a toy box.

Barry's chest 1.jpg

Skeleton Clock

Created on the lathe, this is a free standing, brass coloured 8" Skeleton Clock. It requires 1x AA battery. Note: wooden surround may vary in grain and/or colour.

Price £49.00 ea

Clock 1.jpg

Salt and Pepper set

Made from African Oroko Oak, these salt and pepper dispensers have 5" crank top mills, with quality ceramic burrs. 

Price £25.00 per set

Freestanding 3" clock with brass coloured surround in oak frame 

Price £20

3" Brass Clock

Coffee Grinder

coffee grinder.jpg

Made from polished oak and finished with food safe bees wax, the coffee grinder has a cast iron base with premium quality ceramic grinding burrs, and fully adjustable grinds.

Price £30.00

CD Rack

Repurposed CD rack by a Men’s shed client,


Hedgehog House

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